At Innometriks, we develop and manufacture a suite of hardware and software products that provide strong identity authentication for mission critical environments. The Company’s unique products fill the critical compliance gaps that exist in current generation physical access control systems



U.S. Government Identity Programs

Innometriks next generation PIV & TWIC solution provides layered identity and credential authentication that meets or exceeds the credential authentication requirements set forth by the U.S. Government identity program FIPS201/PIV, SP800-116.

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Existing PACS Life Extension

The Infinitas credential validation, registration and authentication suite regenerates traditional physical access control systems.

Federated architecture allows centralized security and backup policies, while providing transparent service to remote facilities and campuses.

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Corporate and Institutional Security

Ultra fast One-to-Many biometric matching algorithms and distributed network design supports campus wide implementations.

Expandable memory allows local storage of large biometric credential repositories.

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