Innometriks provides non-governmental entities the opportunity to leverage US Government Identity Program technology to fulfill critical security needs in environments where positive identity of individuals is of paramount importance.

Innometriks believes that the mandate for strong identity authentication requires an approach that is not limited by the functionality of an individual technology.

What is needed is a biometric sensor and smartcard reader architecture that offers a robust, flexible and extensible environment configurable to the unique needs of the individual end user’s requirement.

The Innometriks technology platform is not directly tied to any specific biometric or smartcard mode and is designed to adopt the modality required by a given environment.


Easy to Implement

Innometriks products complement, not compete against, existing physical access control solutions and fill critical strong authentication gaps that exist in current generation physical access control systems.

Standard Wiegand input and output means that the Innometriks readers will integrate with any Wiegand based physical access control system on the market.

The Infinitas application suite maintains all critical authentication data in an industry standard relational database, allowing secure bi-directional PACS synchronization.


True Multi-Modal

Innometriks Search configuration provides true one-to-many, and one-to-one biometric authentication.

  • One-to-Many fingerprint
  • One-to-One PIN + fingerprint
  • Ultra-fast search algorithm

The Innometriks smartcard configuration can be tailored to a wide variety of card types and card data formats.

  • iClass, MiFare and DESFire
  • Card plus Biometric
  • PIN plus Biometric

Innometriks biometric readers are designed from the ground up to eliminate the issues typically associated with large-scale biometric deployment. The use of multispectral imaging sensors eliminates the issues that a small percentage of the population has when using biometric authentication.

  • Excessively moist or dry skin, grease and soil covered fingers
  • Genetic based weak prints and age related thinning skin

Built to Withstand Harsh Environments

A principal differentiator in the Rhino reader is its ability to perform in harsh application environments.

Supplied in a metal enclosure with options for case heaters and weather proofing, the Rhino exceeds all competitive devices capabilities for outdoor and harsh environments.

  • Vandal Proof
  • Durable Aluminum housing
  • Stable to 120 °F
  • Lab tested to -20 °F

Advanced Security Officer Tools

Windows based management tools leverage the TCP/IP capabilities of Innometriks readers to provide remote access to reader settings, firmware and OS upgrades over the network.

Layered enrollment and event tracking roles allows responsibilities to be compartmentalized in high security environments.

  • Enrollment Officer Console
  • Event Monitor Console
  • Administration Console

Innometriks products may also implemented in both standalone and integrated applications requiring strong authentication of individual’s identities in non-PACS environments.

These applications include time and attendance, point-of-use, manufacturing control and other applications where access to facilities, equipment or information must be securely controlled.


Made in America