Innometriks products facilitate PACS compliance for all three U.S. Government Identity Programs and provide a path to full interoperability of credentials issued to all Federal Government employees and contractors at federally controlled facilities.

FIPS201 Mandate and SP800-116 Guidence

HSPD-12, and its supporting FIP201 mandate requires that every Federal Government employee and contractors possess a PIV card, and use the credential to access to all government facilities - Federal, Department of Defense, and Port facilities

NIST guidance, known as SP800-116, requires that every government facility physical access control system (PACS) utilize the strong authentication features of the PIV credential.


The PACS Void

The requirements of SP800-116 represent use of advanced credential and individual identity authentication that is outside of the scope of most existing access control readers and requires PKI processing that transcends the operational capabilities of most PACS infrastructures.

Although fully functional and well within their operational life span, most installed PACS fail to meet the credential verification and identity authentication requirements set forth by the U.S. Government Identity Programs


Innometriks Meets the Mandate

Innometriks has focused product development efforts specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of FIPS201 and SP800-116 and now offers a complete solution in compliance with these standards and directives.

Innometriks US Government credential solution provides tiered authentication levels that meet the SP800-116 implementation guidelines. Tested and approved, the Rhino is FIPS201 certified, and TSA approved. The Rhino empowers agencies to realize the full potential of Government issued credentials.



  • Card Authentication Key
  • Card Authentication Certificate
  • Biometric Authentication
  • PIN

Credential Management

  • Validation
  • Registration
  • Hot List and Revocation
  • Reader Services

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