The Infinitas Suite provides all of the tools required to manage enterprise-wide Innometriks implementations. Distributed enrollment capture, centralized credential repositories, extensive authentication event tracking, and network based reader management ensures success in the most demanding high security environments.

Spans Authentication Modes

Modular by design, the Infinitas Suite provides a wide range of card and biometric authentication modes. Each module is tailored to the specific needs of an authentication class. PIV/CAC/TWIC components adhere to mandated functionality. Biometric and commercial class card components are streamlined for ease of use.

Regenerates Traditional PACs

Open architecture allows Infinitas to integrate elegantly with traditional PACS technology. With all data maintained in an industry standard relational database, critical credential details can be securely shared between systems. Wiegand and IP communication at the Innometriks reader level closes the loop.


Fast One Step


Validation and



Kiosk Based

Card Holder



Advanced Reader Integration

Reader management leverages the TCP/IP capabilities of Innometriks readers and provides remote access to individual reader settings, and the creation of group based reader configurations. Remote reader firmware upgrades occur on demand or based on schedule.


Defeats Traditional Barriers

The Infinitas enrollment module authenticates a user against their card issued template and then offers a recapture using a multispectral sensor. The enhanced template reduces biometric authentication issues at the reader. This functionality also provides a workaround for credentials requiring a forgotten PIN for template release.


Layered Management

  • Role Based Access
  • Enrollment Officer Console
  • Event Monitor Console
  • Administration Console

Extensible Infrastructure

  • Host based Network Services
  • Industry Standard RDBMS
  • Virtual Server Compliant
  • Firewall and Router Configurable

Unity Server

  • Centralized enrollment repository
  • Remote enrollment record merge
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Leverage Core IT Policies

Federated Servers

  • Scheduled Replication
  • Minimized Latency
  • Fail-Over Capable
  • Load Leveling

Made in America