Fusing smart card, embedded biometrics, PKI and digital signature technologies, this multi-modal device is engineered specifically for high security applications requiring multifactor authentication.

PIV, TWIC and CAC Credentials

The Rhino US Government credential configuration provides tiered authentication levels that meet the SP800-116 implementation guidelines. Tested and approved, the Rhino is FIPS201 certified, and TSA approved. The Rhino empowers agencies to realize the full potential of Government issued credentials.


  • Card Authentication Key
  • Card Authentication Certificate
  • Biometric Authentication
  • PIN

Biometric Authentication

Card Free Access

  • One-to-Many fingerprint
  • One-to-One PIN + fingerprint
  • Ultra-fast search algorithm
  • 10,000+ template capacity

The Rhino Search configuration provides true one-to-many authentication. Enrollments are captured and stored in a central database. The template images are synced to appropriate readers and stored for instant access. When the sensor is touched, an image is captured and compared against the entire template base to identify the individual. The event is communicated to the PACS for access.


Smartcard With Biometric Authentication

The Rhino smartcard configuration can be tailored to a wide variety of card types and card data formats. Biometric enrollments are linked to a card, and synced to appropriate readers for instant access. Alternately, templates may be stored on the card itself and read through a contactless transaction during an authentication.

Credential Choice

  • iClass, MiFare and DESFire
  • PIN Identification
  • Biometric Authentication
  • 25,000+ template capacity

Leading Edge Design

Engineered to be the industry standard, the Rhino utilizes the finest components made. This unique device is designed from the ground up to eliminate the issues typically associated with biometric reader deployment.

  • Lumidigm Venus sensor
  • Lumidigm Mercury sensor
  • Futronic FS88 sensor
  • Coupler antennas tuned to housing

Infinitas Integration

  • Remote configuration managment
  • Network based OS firmware upgrades
  • Network based OS upgrades
  • Enrollment DB Downloads
  • Authentication template delivery
  • Central event logs
  • Reader based user enrollments

Solid Architecture

The Rhinos open hardware and software architecture provides room for expansion and upgrade. The Linux OS is open, flexible and scalable. Support of multiple communication protocol bridges the gap between dated physical access control system technology, and new IP based technology.


Multiple Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet
  • Standard Wiegand In/Out
  • RS485
  • TTL
  • Relay NO/NC

Evolution Path

  • MicroSD Memory Slot
  • Upgradable Firmware
  • Upgradable Linux OS
  • Standard USB Port
  • Hardware Sensing OS

Rough Environments

  • Vandal Proof
  • Durable Aluminum housing
  • Coated steel mounting bracket
  • Bright display
  • Backlit keypad

Extreme Weather

  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Rain Seal kit available
  • Stable to 120 °F
  • Heater kit available
  • Lab tested to -20 °F



Made in America